James Pratt on Growth Mindset Acting Social Isolation Malibu Crush Featured Movie Podcast Interview with Cristina Imre

James Pratt Interview on Growth Mindset, Social Isolation, Acting & Featured Movie Malibu Crush

James Pratt is all about growth mindset, learning, and development.

As an award-winning Hollywood Celebrity, actor, director, producer, screenwriter, CEO, board member, and luxury real estate auctioneer, James Pratt knows that success is based on hard work and constant growth.

More bio: He just won his third Best Actor Award in 2022 in his featured movie Malibu Crush at the recent Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) in Hollywood. This comes after winning Best Actor at Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival (BHIFF) in May and the New York Movie Awards in April of this year.

He is a celebrity favorite within luxury auctioneering internationally, the CEO of the James Pratt Auctions Group, board member for several film festivals including, SP awards New York, and iHollywood Film Festival, and a Founding Member of Mogul Productions.

James Pratt became the first person in the world to auction live, real estate using cryptocurrency. [2019] James was named Australia’s Top 5 Under 35 in 2019 by, The Next Rush Magazine.

His bio doesn’t stop here but shows that the way he sees life and how he constructed his growth mindset is not only an indicator of success but a great indicator of a valuable person who can easily play as a role model for all generations. His personal development goes hand in hand with his leadership development.

This is how he was able to juggle all hats while preparing his featured movie Malibu Crush which is in the process of being released worldwide and is a perfect stress release for all founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders out there who want some good fun.

During this episode, James Pratt shares many stories about his background in the Australian Outback, his social isolation that lead to many insights and shaped him, acting, stress release tips for presentations, mental health awareness, auctioneering mindset, and the list can continue. This is a podcast special that will enrich your day. It’s part of life lessons from celebrities but the right kind.

Enjoy today’s podcast special episode, and let yourself be inspired.

You can listen to the full podcast or watch the video version below:

0:00 – James Pratt Intro 4:03 – Why Acting? 5:14 – Sports & Growth Mindset 6:31 – Outback Australia 10:13 – The Benefits of Isolation & Solitude 14:13 – Getting into NIDA & Real Estate 16:59 – Director Beginnings 17:44 – Timelines & Auctioneering 23:50 – Filmmaking Beginnings with $200 27:10 – Business Stress and Speaking Tips & Insights 36:45 – The Best Skills as an Auctioneer 38:42 – The Best Life Skill from Acting 41:19 – The WHY 47:23 – The Role of Humor 48:58 – Feature Movie Malibu Crush 51:00 – Final Question

NOTE! The full interview and content are available only in audio or video form. The followings are snippets from the interview podcast that were edited for clarity and brevity.

Why Acting?

James Pratt: You know, I didn’t really get into acting until I finished high school. To be very honest with you about why acting, and why at that point, is probably just because I think your sphere of influence is very important.

My sphere of influence was very much the beach, sport, and a whole range of things, that were away from the creative side. You finish high school, and I was just about to turn eighteen, you think differently. You are in a different environment, and I enjoyed the idea of being able to get out of this world and go into another world, I guess, playing a character.

The other half is that I love telling stories. I think there are not enough good stories in the world at the moment. People have stories they just don’t tell them.

Tell us about Outback Australia and the period you were there

James: That was quite a character-building time out there just because it was so different. It was a very unique situation because I just finished studying both NIDA and also studied business and real estate at the same time.

My parents were like, being an actor, that’s fantastic, but you know, we really feel like you would be better off studying business at the same time. That was like a hint that the business is very small in Australia.

After finishing both of those I ended up in this very small rural town. My parents and most of my family started to move to America so it was almost like I was in this very isolated area. It was great. It was very ‘sink or swim’ to experience that lifestyle and the aspects of people living their life out there, the way to feel appreciation for things you never think you would.

Companionships are very big out there. Time. If there is something on you going to drive sometimes an hour and a half just to get there. It’s basically a need not a want. There are those little things you develop out there and I think it very much broke me down, built me up again, and gave me a much more thankful side of life. It was the hardest thing and the best thing.


About the award-winning featured movie Hollywood Crush

I encourage anyone who liked Dumb and Dumber to check out Malibu Crush. The premise is two guys who have done nothing since high school. The opening scene of these guys is with one of them spraying an old lady in the face with a fire extinguisher, and the other is ordering a pizza on a couch surrounded by trash.

They didn’t really do much with their lives, and their intelligence level is not very high. They have this idea that this girl, who one of them dated for three weeks in high school, still likes him. So they go to Sidney, Australia in search of this girl, and they will ruin all the relationships they have in Australia.

Check out the official US trailer and go detach yourself from your daily busy life with goofy humor that will bring a big smile to your face.

The full interview and content are available only in audio or video form.

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