Executive Coaching

“The path to success in a fast-moving, highly competitive, technology-driven business world is to form high-performing teams and give them the resources and freedom to do great things.

Leadership is about recognizing that there’s a greatness in everyone, and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge.”

~ Bill Campbell

Your “No-BS” High-End Executive Coach For Your Current Problems and Goals

(Business & Life)

You’ll get an executive coach with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, using tactical operational competence, strategic thinking to create dynamic teams with purpose, legacy leaders, renowned for helping turn companies around. 

Cristina Imre coaches clients remotely and across any time zone. She primarily works with influential individuals (corporate CEOs and scaleup founder CEOs) who are facing multiple challenges at once, need to upgrade their game, put out fires, or experience some kind of leadership provocation.

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“I always thought that the most important thing is to work on strategy, tactics, specific products, and technology, and I’m very efficient at that. But in fact, if you look, it’s really teams that deliver this. Who invented the iPhone? Everyone thinks is Steve Jobs. No, it’s one thousand people.  

There is always wrong when coaching is the lowest priority. Coaching is the highest priority cause getting the humans right determines the outcome.”

Eric Schmidt

"This is to highly recommend Cristina Imre as a trainer, executive coach and keynote speaker. I have known Cristina since 2011 and she is a highly capable professional who shares her ideas in the most engaging way. She is particularly capable of doing corporate training in leadership, communication, intrapreneurship, selling and customer service. Cristina is dedicated, knowledgeable and a very good communicator."
Cristina Imre - Testimonials
Robert D. Hisrich
World-renowned expert on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship



It may be an urging matter you want to overcome and not sure what to do, how to approach it. Or you want a second opinion to trace the right game plan. Or you’ve just gone blank by feeling overwhelmed and you cannot see the light. 

I’ve studied success and worked with accomplished people from most industries around the world (executives, entrepreneurs, public figures…). There are specific techniques for each problem, that can be implemented quickly in case of an emergency and painful issue that needs to be solved yesterday

I’ll be your quick fix in this instance, not excluding the possibility to upgrade to a new extended plan. 


You need to be willing to improve or change.

I’m here to help, show, guide, trace your journey – but you must do the work.

This is the best way to produce long-lasting change, and usually involves an extensive transformation in both business and life. 

In the core, we’ll focus on personal development, tailored and personalized to meet identified needs.

There is no real separation between personal and professional.

“One of the reasons why we fail is that we refuse to get help when we need it. Everyone needs help and support at some point. No title protects from the unexpected or the need for constant growth.”

Cristina Imre is impressive by her attitude and pathos. She is that type of professional who doesn't miss the target. Ambitious, she knows what she wants and can persevere where others don't. If you go to war with people like her, you cannot lose."
Cristina Imre - testimonial for executive coaching
Valentin Tuca
Former CEO AON South Eastern Europe