Dr. Cristina Imre

Amplifying Impact: Empowering Visionary Leaders to Shape a Better Future.

Executive Coach & Mentor for Tech Founders, Keynote Speaker, Profiler, Mindset Expert, Doctor, Serial Entrepreneur, Fractional Executive, Author, Business Strategist & Connector

Cristina has two decades of research, testing, and applying unique and classical methods in a business setting with a clear focus on leadership development. This way, she gained unique insights into the world we live in and the ways we function as humans.

Her business nicknames over the years include People Reader, Sherlock Holmes, Secret Weapon, The No-BS Coach.

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About Cristina Imre
Two decades+ in the trenches to understand the human nature and business combined.

On a MISSION to be The Secret Weapon behind those business successes and founders that lead our world into the future.

Now, that we defined some of my titles let me tell you that I am not fond of titles because they are boxing and limit our complex potential. 

That is why I refused to lock myself on a single road, with a single perspective, limiting knowledge over the world, and us, as humans. Stereotypes and moving towards one cardinal direction are the most limiting prisons we can face. 

I am you since you are on this page. 🙂 Someone on an exciting journey, defining and redefining myself while evolving to a peak that makes life worth living with meaning and joy.

I might be a no-name for you till now, and that doesn’t even matter. I failed, succeeded, then failed again. My life went through multiple cycles of tests and errors, hitting the ground while searching for my truth and path. 

The path was always there, but I chose to side-track it several times to learn more things before getting here in front of you now.

Cristina Imre - Quantum Wins Founder

Our society limits our true potential by boxing us under labels like title, popularity, you name it. My titles are many but the irony is they count too little when it comes to the value I can deliver to you. That’s what counts, and you know that.

What’s important, though, is that I dedicated over two decades to studying the mind and how we function, spending endless hours combining multiple fields and genres of people in defining who we are, and what makes us thick or withdrawn. 

It was obvious to me, at an early age, that we weren’t living up to our potential. Not even slightly. And so, I felt compelled to do something about it. 

The discrepancies between what we now know, the access to information, and the outcomes seen in our world don’t add up. We don’t know where to find and how to learn the right stuff, the mind, and body connection, and now, linking this to our topic, the mind and matter connection that can transform reality not through hustle, pain, or sacrifices but through alignment.

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The quantum model of reality brings us the keys to transform our lives in any shape or form with scientifically proven methods. And what’s even more fascinating is that when you study multiple domains as I did, and combine them with entrepreneurship, leadership, business in general, you can find commonalities between those who succeed the right way and those who don’t.

When you approach the study of the mind and emotions from a quantum perspective, things start to make a completely new sense to you. They will translate the story of your life with bolded clarity. You’ll eventually get it, and from there, you can only become a conscious creator of your life.

In the end, I am here to enable purpose-driven change-makers to move this world forward with their vision!

Cristina Imre - Executive Coaching for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

My intention is to bring all this wisdom to founders, entrepreneurs and executives for two reasons:

  • One, because I love founders and entrepreneurship in general, having a long entrepreneurial and executive journey myself.
  • Two, because I empathize deeply with the struggles, frustration most founders go through seeing the potential of their business but not being able to translate it properly.

    When it comes to executives, their mission is very soliciting and they do need care for themselves, their own sanity. A trusted coach or mentor who understands what they are going through, and can translate a new innovative concept, can change the game for them.

⚠️ None of my programs are limited to location. You can be anywhere on this beautiful, abundant, awesome Earth. 

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Let’s quantum shake your business, and get into a conscious creator mode.

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"Cristina Imre is definitely the secret weapon you want when going to battle, both as a leader and a company. Sharp assessment, spotting missing links, identifying hidden flaws, unseen weaknesses, well-buried treasures in people, or business are part of her daily routine. Working with her is not only an energizing experience but highly rewarding with the goals you can achieve, problems to solve. You don't know what to expect at first because Cristina is both an empath and a very tough leader when needed, so she'll change gears and approaches according to the mission and people involved. No matter what the situation, having people like Cristina on your side is like finding one of those rare gems, a talented asset that will help you to succeed."
Cristina Imre - Testimonials
John Rainford FRSA FTLS
Founder & CEO in Education (UK)
"Cristina is a true leader, that's focused on execution and knows how to move things forward. I really appreciate and love her power to be the bridge between vision and the details of the execution, details which matter a lot and Cristina is incredible at doing that. She's a person that you can rely on, trust and build great companies with. Highly recommend her!"
Cristina Imre - Client testimonials for founder coaching
Catalin Matei
Serial Entrepreneur in Marketing, Marketing, Creator economy(UK)
"Cristina has the rare skill of telling you the hard truth and you still like her afterwards. She cuts to the chase and identifies problems, but then she offers solutions in the form of changes to behavior, culture, and so on. She cares about people, and that includes the employees under the leader she is coaching, so she wants all leaders to be as effective in people management as possible. I have found my conversations with Cristina to be invaluable; her coaching is insightful and impactful, and her top priority is always to make you a great leader. I have appreciated Cristina's insight and highly recommend her expertise for those that want to be the best leader they can be."
Cristina Imre - Testimonials
Craig Utley
IT Executive, Fractional CIO/CTO (US)
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