Quantum Wins for your VC Cohorts

Your VC thoughts:

“OK. Our startups are funded.

Now what?

Can our startup founders navigate through all the challenges waiting for them?”

(Especially first-time founders, but not quite.)

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The Story Behind Closed Doors

Black glasses and hat illustration about the way of things inside the VCs world

Even with money at hand, in a bunch, many startups fail, according to statistics. The chances of your startup being successful after funding are only 8%. Andreessen Horowitz

Your fund can easily hit 1,000% or more if you are fortunate enough to invest in one unicorn.

Now, the good part is that even without a unicorn, you can hit that 500%-1000% sweet spot if you have more successful companies just below the unicorn status. 

A 300% is a downside projection but it happens often. Just to stay afloat, you need to exceed that 3X for you and your investors. 

In 2022, we start seeing a worrisome turmoil of investments that have gone bad. This is a telling example of the times: D1, Hedge Funds Face a Reckoning as Hot Bet Melts Down.

Thus, it’s a wise decision to do whatever you can to increase your chances with the chosen startups. And that means focusing on the founders. You already invested. You already saw the potential, the big market…They have the money. 

What will they do with it now? That’s the trillion-dollar question.

Are they ready for the game? Will they play it out to the end?

Most of the funded startups fail because those who run the wheels lack the proper mindset. Their mental and emotional status is not up for the game.

That’s why improbable businesses with low chances succeed with the right founder(s).

This is where I come in.

Cristina Imre Executive Coach for VC cohorts and VC-backed startups
Executive Coaching Partner: Cristina Imre

Being one myself, I have a deep understanding of founders and entrepreneurs.

In addition, I learned a few things about mindset from my 20+ years spent studying the human mind and behavior, both as a practitioner and learner.

Over the past years, I also immersed myself in the world of VCs and got a better understanding of both worlds, including the differences between VC-backed startups and bootstrapped ones.

If you check my peculiar background, you’ll see a hard-to-find combination of skills you would want in someone coaching or mentoring your promising founders.

Imagine a trusted right hand being there when they are ready to give up or do foolish things, hard or impossible to correct. One less to make it to the 10x fund.

If you wanted to write a book about promising startups that turned to ashes for all those diverse, absurd reasons, then you could.

Another valuable thing for you is that I’m an industry agnostic. My focus was always on people, not how to get rigid and tight into an industry prototype operation. That’s why I know to identify the dangers in a founder.

As a remote pro for over ten years, I also understand the cultural differences since I worked on all continents except Antarctica.


You’ll sponsor a program with a very high ROI potential.

That is why I’ll also help you how to promote this program inside your fund in a way that will have the most fitted and pre-filtered founders to join.

There are many other extra perks I cannot reveal here. We’ll discuss those in our discovery call.

Ready to increase the success ratios of your fund(s)?