AI Advancements and the Human Psyche

AI Advancements and the Human Psyche

Note! AI Advancements and the Human Psyche is part of Tech Leadership Lab‘s newsletter written by Cristina Imre. It started on LinkedIn, and now it is transitioning to its platforms for distribution and long-term thinking reasons. Soon it will be integrated into Tech Leadership Lab’s website and everything will work more smoothly.

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We’ve grown into an action-oriented think tank, poised to transition from ideation to implementation. Our focus is on harnessing the right leadership and resources to address the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) effectively and timely.

TLL Updates

The speed of growth and change is high because of the mission and the people who are on board. That being said, we are all in to host the inaugural Tech Leadership Summit 1 from March 19-21, 2024.

For the first time, we reveal the theme:

“Amplifying Impact Across SDGs: The Intersect of Climate, GenAI, and Humanity”

This summit is a big deal for us, as we aim to make it as impactful as possible. The entire year is dedicated to building a sustainable infrastructure for our entity, enabling us to sustain impactful missions and effectively tackle the 17 SDGs sooner rather than later.

With such a large-scale project, there are many moving parts to set and align, not to mention the creativity required. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with big projects, but our approach includes as much clarity as possible about what’s needed and the steps to get us there. Perfection in each step is not essential.

We faced a choice: Should we wait to create our first summit when everything is ‘perfect,’ or do as much as we can for now? The unanimous answer was “YES” to start immediately, driven by a sense of urgency. Our mission with this summit is to act, to move the needle – not just to talk. The SDGs, Climate, AI adoption, and the consequences on humanity, and our children cannot wait.

My best bet for why we will nail this? Our CORE team is a powerhouse, and our extended group is as well.

Volunteer Onboarding and Role Opportunities at TLL

We’ve successfully onboarded multiple volunteers, and most roles are now filled. However, we are actively seeking individuals with expertise in sponsorship and sales. This expertise is crucial for our events and everything we are building, and we need it as soon as possible.

Additionally, we’re looking to amplify our impact and extend our reach. Therefore, anyone with genuine PR and media expertise, including influencers on all social platforms, is highly encouraged to join us. Your skills will be invaluable in helping us spread the word about our initiatives.

As we are aiming to create more video content in all forms and interview awesome people we’ll need someone as an interviewer. If you’re a natural at this, reach out.

We’re also in need of a skilled web developer who can elevate our website to the next level. Your technical prowess will play a key role in enhancing our online presence and functionality.

Regarding our streaming needs, we are considering partnering with a professional team. However, due to current funding constraints, we are open to collaboration with teams or agencies willing to undertake this role. Associating with TLL will not only be a significant contribution to our cause but will also serve as a prestigious addition to your brand.

Today’s LIVE Event!

Today’s LIVE event is GatherVerse again. We are happy to share the AI Summit 2024 on our platform as a gesture of supporting the GatherVerse mission.

AI SUMMIT from GatherVerse

I’ll be speaking today at 8 AM PST, 11 AM EST, 5 PM CET at the Roundtable panel: Beyond Algorithms: The Deeper Impacts of AI on Global Society.

As you can see the name is very close to TLL and its mission. So much to say, so many things to do. But we can overcome all obstacles united and all the disruption AI brings.

Come and join me! I enjoy comments, questions, and support so feel free to write in the live chat. 🙂

AI: Navigating the Mental Health Maze in an Age of Disruption

As we stride further into the era of Artificial Intelligence, it’s like we’re walking a tightrope. On one side, there’s the dazzling potential of AI, and on the other, the looming shadow it casts on our mental well-being.

The Disruption Wave and Its Ripple Effects

Let’s face it: AI is shaking things up, and it’s not all smooth sailing. While it’s revolutionizing the way we work and live, it’s also flipping jobs and industries on their heads.

This disruption is more than just economic—it’s personal. It’s about livelihoods and identities being rewritten, sometimes overnight. The uncertainty and stress this breeds can deeply impact our mental health.

Realigning our Relationship with AI

It’s time we recalibrate our relationship with AI. It’s not just a tool or a disruptor; it’s a part of our evolving ecosystem. This means developing AI ethically and responsibly, with a nod to how it affects us, not just in our pockets but in our minds and hearts.

Looking ahead, the narrative needs to shift. How can AI not just coexist but coevolve with our mental wellness? It’s about steering AI developments with a conscious understanding of their human impact—ensuring that these advancements nurture rather than unsettle our mental landscapes.

I also believe that we need global leaders to encourage publicly available and promoted educational materials about how AI can enhance or augment different job sectors for people to see real examples and options for their new livelihood without falling into depression or anxiety.

In times when we need to tackle many SDGs urgently, starting with climate action, we want healthy, responsible, optimistic adults to lead the way not an entire wave of demoralized people who don’t know what to do with their lives.

Navigating this AI era demands a deep understanding of its human impact. As we ride this wave of digital disruption, let’s not lose sight of what makes us inherently human – our ability to feel, connect, and empathize. It’s not just about surviving the AI revolution; it’s about thriving through it, with our mental health intact.

ChatGPT Summary:

  • Tech Leadership Summit 1 Announcement: TLL is excited to host its inaugural Tech Leadership Summit from March 19-21, 2024, under the theme “Amplifying Impact Across SDGs: The Intersect of Climate, GenAI, and Humanity.” This event is part of TLL’s year-long dedication to building sustainable infrastructure to address the 17 SDGs effectively.
  • Volunteer Engagement and Opportunities: TLL has onboarded numerous volunteers, filling most roles. However, there’s an immediate need for individuals with sponsorship, sales expertise, PR, media expertise, and web development skills. Additionally, TLL seeks collaboration with professional streaming teams or agencies.
  • Today’s LIVE Event – GatherVerse AI Summit: Cristina Imre will be speaking at the AI Summit hosted by GatherVerse, discussing the deep impacts of AI on global society, aligning closely with TLL’s mission.
  • AI and Mental Health: The newsletter delves into the dual nature of AI’s impact on mental health, highlighting the personal and societal disruption caused by AI advancements. It calls for a reevaluation of our relationship with AI, emphasizing the need for ethically developed AI that considers human mental and emotional well-being.
  • Call for Educational Initiatives by Global Leaders: There’s a significant need for global leaders to provide educational materials on AI’s potential to enhance job sectors, aiming to prevent depression and anxiety as the workforce transitions. The goal is to foster a generation of healthy, responsible, and optimistic adults ready to address urgent SDGs.

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