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Tech for Good, Led by Good Hearts

Note! Tech for Good, Led by Good Hearts is part of Tech Leadership Lab‘s newsletter written by Cristina Imre and Driss Mezghouti. It started on LinkedIn, and now it is transitioning to its platforms for distribution and long-term thinking reasons. Soon it will be integrated into Tech Leadership Lab’s website and everything will work more smoothly.

Welcome to the Tech Leadership Lab: Shaping the Future, our community newsletter designed for visionary leaders, tech disruptors, and future shapers like you. Every week, we delve into actionable content aimed at empowering you to drive impactful change and collectively craft a positive future.

We’ve grown into an action-oriented think tank, poised to transition from ideation to implementation. Our focus is on harnessing the right leadership and resources to address the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) effectively and timely.

TLL Updates

First, let’s talk about why I titled this article with our MTP: “Tech for good, led by good hearts.” This simple sentence encapsulates our focus, but its true meaning often eludes many.

Our mission is to tackle the 17 SDGs, and we’re exploring efficient ways to do so. We considered focusing solely on Climate Action for 2024, as announced in our last newsletter, but we’ve realized a potential pitfall.

We risk being boxed as a “Climate” entity, which isn’t our intention. We respect and want to amplify the work of numerous entities excelling in this space, not compete with them. Our focus is to unite and magnify the right voices for each SDG.

Now the question is how to do it in a way that it’s not just talk, or something superficial but action and accountability.

Our role is to emerge as one of the most prestigious, ethical, and influential entities within the SDGs, connecting, innovating, and finding solutions by amplifying voices that can genuinely solve Earth’s biggest issues.

Therefore cross-functional and interdisciplinary events with specific takeaways could convey a lot of weight.

We can be a uniter, an amplifier, a mediator between fields and opposite forces, a leader to unite weak benevolent entities, and a resourceful power helping with whatever the action-takers need including funding.

  • This includes startups with solutions that, when combined, solve issues exponentially faster than currently possible.
  • Established companies actively contributing but who could partner with innovative startups for more effective solutions are also part of our vision.

[We’re not looking for dinosaurs resistant to change or who believe one company can have it all.]

Our network will include experts who can synthesize information into actionable reports, policymakers committed to humanity’s and future generations’ well-being, wealthy philanthropists who understand the need to fund righteous causes, and NGOs already doing the work but needing a stronger, louder voice.


We aim to act as a connector of good-willed entities and individuals.

This is what our Earth needs: Tech for good, led by good hearts, united with the right elements, technologies, innovations, and individuals, and supported by proper leadership and resources. The phrase “Tech for good, led by good hearts, funded by the benevolent” captures this essence.

Should we change the MTP with the additional words?

Our MTP is evolving and clarifying.

In 2024, we will not narrowly focus on Climate alone to avoid being categorized solely under that banner. Climate remains our top priority, but other crucial elements need integration, including AI.

Tech Leadership Lab was born amidst the biggest disruption humanity has faced for a while: the adoption and disruption of AI. AI is now pervasive and in the spotlight, so we will embrace humanizing AI and bring the right voices to make the transition less traumatic for a large part of the population.

Community and Humanity, next to Technology (AI included) are power words that we want to address. Thanks for reinforcing this issue, Carlos Restrepo, MS, CAE, and Tim Lockie.

Health is crucial for everything we are doing and it can be related to Climate and AI very easily. Thanks for this, Daniel Melendez.

Now, studying more and more about the climate, I set up a schedule with the help of AI to become a climate expert in two weeks. If you want access to that document please write a comment and I will DM it to you.

Based on what I already learned we can have real concerns about the permafrost phenomenon and the melting ice. Imagine long-gone diseases from the dinosaurs till now without any vaccines available to get loose into the world. That’s a serious health issue.

And then we also have education, and this one has a long tail because it prepares the future for us all. Thanks for that, Mike Hernandez and Driss MEZGHOUTI.

Call for Volunteers

So much exciting news. Daily we have so many moving parts. I have no words to express the speed we are evolving. My wish is to also act as a role model for other entities from visionary startups to benevolent organizations.

Last week we posted our first job for volunteers. You can find it here.

The unbelievable news? All candidates look amazing. Quality people wanted to unite with us and create a positive impact on the world. From entrepreneurs to all sorts of experts, young stars, and legal we were impressed by the background all candidates have.

It’s a mission by itself to have a nice, pleasant onboarding for too many people at once. We are doing our best, the human way to show care and attention to each other, and appreciate their willingness to move the needle for the benefit of humankind.

We have some lack in finding a website builder, preferably in WordPress, and more people with fundraising experience. Other than that we have most roles covered but always looking for amazing talent.

If you know someone suited please send them our way. You can find the desired roles inside the job post here.

Introducing a Novel Change in Our Format

Speaking of Driss MEZGHOUTI, who wears multiple hats within TLL, he has kindly offered to contribute to our newsletter. Here is his part:

“Just wanted to loop you in on a conversation Cristina and I had the other day. We went beyond the usual chit-chat and dove into some deep, existential stuff.

Sorry we didn’t include you at the time, but we’re changing that now. We want you in the loop every step of the way and keep you posted on what’s cooking in our minds.

Let’s kick back and have a chat like we’re catching up over coffee, you know, the usual.

So, I’ve always been blown away by nature. It’s just mind-blowing. Take a bee, for example, works in harmony, seamlessly fitting into the intricate web of the ecosystem.

Now, look at some fancy tech gadget, and it’s like it’s throwing harm and damage everywhere. But here’s the kicker: it’s not because the designers lacked brilliance. It’s not that!

You know our motto: Tech for Good, led by good hearts.

I get it; when you hear “tech,” you’re probably thinking about your phone, your laptop, the whole shebang.

So, is this kind of tech really for good? And are those behind it led by good hearts?

Hold on, let’s clear the air, no, we’re not anti-tech. We’re tech fanatics, and you know that already. But here’s the thing: we’re not cool with tech serving greed and lining pockets under the guise of benefiting humanity.

Tech, good, good hearts, it’s a bit of a puzzle. We’re not handing you the answers; we want you to mull over these words because they’re more than just words. They’re like tokens that could shape the destiny of humanity.

Tech isn’t as straightforward as you probably think! It’s like this mix of energy and brilliance, guided by a set of ideas about what an ideal human is and how we should evolve to reach that ideal.

Our dream is simple: every human being on this planet, regardless of location, age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, should have access to basic needs (water, food, health care, etc.) so they can focus on transcending to species that spread love and beauty everywhere in the universe. It’s basically all the Sustainable Development Goals packed into one sentence.

So, how do we pull this off? We all know that we’ve got the tech, the leaders, the money all available somewhere. What’s missing is an element that can integrate everything and turn it into a masterpiece.

This element needs to be forward-thinking, not just about personal desires. It’s about shaping the future vision.

Let’s keep the conversation going because, honestly, we’re onto something big here.

So what do you think about all this? What does Good tech mean for you?”

To add, Driss is a lifelong learner and he loves questions. Please make him happy and answer these questions in the comments.

We are evolving and have multiple possibilities to pursue. One thing is clear. We are attracting awesome people who are here to change the world and create impact.

Are you one of them? Reach out.

Today’s LIVE Event!

Climate, The Future, and Tech Leadership Lab | Fireside Chat Edition [16]

Join us as we transition to Zoom, continuing to explore and test better ways to connect with you. Zoom enables us to interact more effectively and get personal, fostering the warm, kind human connections we value in this era of technology.

Our esteemed guest is David A. Dodd CEcD/FM/HLM, the President and CEO of the International Sustainable Resilience Center.

His passion and mission lie in Climate Adaptation, and his numerous projects testify to his commitment to leaving a better world than he found. In today’s challenging times, this mission is daunting but achievable through unity. You’ll find David’s stories inspiring, filled with experiences that seem straight out of a movie.

With over 18 years in disaster recovery and resilience, and expertise in sustainable development, David brings a unique skill set to the table. He offers practical solutions, utilizing best practices, standards, research, innovation, education, and consultation on disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery worldwide.

Our Fireside Chat will take an intriguing twist, as suggested by our CXO and host, Carlos Restrepo. Carlos proposed interviewing me as the founder of TLL, to connect the dots between my vision and our actions. In particular, shedding light on how climate connects TLL with the future and other SDGs.

Many of you have expressed fascination with our mission and desire to delve deeper. So, prepare for an enlightening discussion in which you can participate actively.

As always, please join us. This time, to register and share our event with as many benevolent individuals concerned about our future as possible.

We are in this together!

ChatGPT Summary

  • Title: “Tech for Good, Led by Good Hearts”
  • Focus: Tackling the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with an approach that goes beyond climate action, aiming to unite and amplify voices across various fields.
  • Mission: Evolving into a prestigious, ethical, and influential entity within the SDGs, connecting, innovating, and finding solutions for Earth’s biggest issues.
  • Strategy: Emphasizing interdisciplinary events and the involvement of startups, established companies, experts, policymakers, philanthropists, and NGOs.
  • Perspective: Balancing the focus on climate action with other crucial elements like AI, community, humanity, and health.
  • Call for Volunteers: Seeking more volunteers, especially in website building and fundraising, to join the growing TLL team.
  • Driss’s Contribution: Reflecting on the deeper implications of technology, questioning the true nature of ‘tech for good,’ and inviting readers to ponder the role of technology in shaping humanity’s future.
  • Today’s LIVE Event: Featuring guest David A. Dodd, focusing on Climate Adaptation, and a fireside chat with Cristina Imre to connect TLL’s vision with broader SDGs.

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