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The Climate Action Cannot Wait

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MTP: Tech for good, led by good hearts.

We’ve grown into an action-oriented think tank, poised to transition from ideation to implementation. Our focus is on harnessing the right leadership and resources to address the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) effectively and timely.

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  2. Today’s LIVE Event!
  3. The Climate Action Cannot Wait
  4. ChatGPT Summary

TLL Updates

You should see the smile on my face when I’m thinking about the updates.

This picture happened just three weeks ago around Christmas and I was dreaming about many of the things that are already happening.

Tech Leadership Lab is a real team now. We are a CORE group of five, soon to be six, of amazing action-driven individuals who are on a legacy journey together. Our extended family is up to eleven and everyone is handpicked, carefully selected. For sure, as you know, things can change and I might be with my head in the clouds again but it feels so good.

We are now preparing for 2024 and our audacious goal is to become the most influential Climate voice in the world through the orchestrated actions we will undertake during this year.

Between an initial ambitious plan for 2024 and an audacious vision to tackle all those 17 SDGs sooner rather than later, we found a sweet spot for this year.

Let’s go laser focus on the most pressing problems and bring together all the relevant players and help find quicker effective solutions, fund them, set responsible a deadline, and keep all pieces accountable between each other.

That was the thinking behind the decision.

The plan is almost ready but the good part is that it’s achievable.

Four months later, I’m not alone, but surrounded by quality humans I want to build a better future for all. Having the right team we can build up the infrastructure and the future teams ready to tackle all of Earth’s biggest problems in the years to come.

What a wonderful life mission, but not for everybody. It is for us though. 🙂

Today’s LIVE Event!

Today’s LIVE event is GatherVerse. We are happy to shake hands and share the She Summit on our platform as a gesture of supporting the GatherVerse mission.

What is GatherVerse?

A global ecosystem where communities gather, discuss, document, and share human-centered approaches to the Metaverse. It’s a platform of expression, the first big step before anything can happen.

During these three days, GatherVerse hosts their first summit in 2024, the She Summit where I spoke yesterday about Tech Leadership Lab and our vision. I was part of the Founders Frontline Roundtable Panel. You can find the replay.

Super Hero Engine is a GatherVerse event that unites women who are shaping, leading, and building tomorrow across various disciplines.

Cristina Imre on GatherVerse, SHE SUMMIT

The Climate Action Cannot Wait

This isn’t just a statement; it’s a call to action for each of us.

Why Urgency is Key

Our planet is at a tipping point. The effects of climate change are no longer distant threats; they are here and now. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and devastating natural disasters are becoming our new, unwelcome normal. The science is unequivocal, and the time to act is slipping away.

Our Focus for 2024

This year, our action-oriented think tank is uniting with a bold ambition: to become the most influential voice in climate action. We are not just talking about raising awareness; we’re talking about fostering real, tangible change.

As an entity focused on bringing Technology, Community, and Humanity to bear on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we are focusing our 2024 agenda on Climate

Bringing the Best to the Table

We’re committed to bringing together the brightest minds and the most passionate hearts. Tech startups in climate, scientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and activists – all sitting at one table, crafting consensus documents that will pave the way for actionable steps to mitigate climate change.

Identifying innovation and working methods that if combined can tackle climate emergencies much sooner than those deadlines that are shacking and too long for the future generation to hope for.

Events That Drive Action

Throughout the year, we will host a series of live events. Each event will be a dynamic convergence of ideas, strategies, and solutions. But we won’t stop there. Post-event, we will propel our action-oriented steps to decision-makers, lawmakers, and those at the forefront of climate technology.

Supporting Innovators and Change-Makers

Our mission extends to identifying and supporting startups and companies poised to make significant impacts in climate tech. By leading and funding these trailblazers, we aim to accelerate the pace of change, outstripping slower-moving international efforts.

Your Role in This Vital Journey

You are crucial to this journey. Your voice, your actions, and your support can shape the future. Here’s how you can get involved:

    • Stay Informed: Regular updates and insights will be shared through this newsletter.

    • Participate: Join our events, webinars, and discussions. Your voice matters. Send the best ones (people, companies, organizations) our way.

    • Spread the Word: Share our mission with your network. Every ripple creates a wave.

The Road Ahead

The challenges are immense, but so are the opportunities. By working together, we can create a future that is sustainable, resilient, and hopeful. The climate cannot wait, and neither will we.

Thank you for being part of this vital journey. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events and initiatives.

Together, we can make a difference.

ChatGPT Summary

    • Mission: Emphasizing ‘Tech for Good’ to address the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    • Team Growth: Expanded to a core group of action-driven individuals.

    • 2024 Goal: Aiming to become the leading global voice in climate action.

    • Focus Area: Targeting pressing problems, uniting key players for quicker, effective climate solutions.

    • Today’s Event: Coverage of the GatherVerse She Summit, focusing on women’s impact in various disciplines.

    • Climate Action Call: Stressing the urgency for immediate action against climate change.

    • Strategy: Bringing together experts to create actionable plans and support innovative climate tech startups.

    • Community Engagement: Encouraging readers to stay informed, participate, and spread awareness.

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