Recession Proof Business by leveraging the power of your employees 3 cristina imre

Recession Proof Businesses by Leveraging the Power of People 3/3

This is my last article based on my recent 3-series LinkedIn LIVE: Recession-proof your business | How to leverage your team and create maximum impact without the need to hire new ones.

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* I consider the message way too important to let it there alone, so, I’ll spread the word around my platforms, including the blog. Please take notes and apply what I’ll share to your business. During the current times, these things can have a crucial impact.

You can see the LIVE video as well:

Recession Proof Businesses by Leveraging the Power of People

I promised you a framework about how to integrate what I shared with the most important elements that your people need to thrive and give their best with joy and gratitude.

I pointed out the importance of mental health and how crucial it is to eradicate fear and neglect from your business, especially in today’s environment.

Setting up the stage for your people to thrive. Making them feel as a whole unit with your company has multiple effects.

The key to your people’s performance, dedication, drive, and passion is through their hearts. And that heart doesn’t need to feel fear or neglect. Recession proof businesses cannot ignore the human factor and the intrinsic needs people have.

Basic people needs are a starter

You can have the best office with the last gadgets, flowers, kitchen area, nice sofas, books, coffee, and snacks if you are on-site or giving your employees what they need to do their work remotely and keep communication channels for group work, but if you don’t go personal, you do it all wrong. In fact, you invest in the seeds without preparing the right soil and moisture.

I will clarify here that yes, you do need to provide the necessary tools for your people to do their job. When it comes to Maslow’s pyramid, you want to take care that their physiological and safety needs are met.

Keep note that removing fear is part of the safety needs.

If you are working with remote employees, you still need to make sure their work environment is proper. If they have the right tech tools. Do they also have scenery and the right lighting? Are they able to have a good diet and some fitness level? All are connected, and if they are neglected somewhere afar because they don’t come to an office, their health can suffer and, as a result, their productivity.

It’s not extra spending. It’s a safety measure.

The best deals are done when there is a personal connection

You can always have unique deals arranged that make both sides happy. And this brings me to another secret I want to share with you when it comes to dedication, conviction, productivity, and a joyful place to be in.

You can only leverage the skills of your people in a mutually beneficial way when you know them personally.

Every person has their own personal and professional agenda. You want to know both.


Recession proof businesses through clarity

When you know what a person wants at a personal level and encourage that in any way you can, that person will become loyal to you and want to stay while giving their best.

When you know what that person wants on a professional level, you can negotiate deals that benefit both sides. Especially because I mentioned in this series: leveraging your people without the need to hire new ones.

You’ll find all kinds of people in your company. Some need that money they receive and the right work environment to give their best, and that’s something you can’t touch.

But you might also have people, especially if you’re struggling with costs and don’t want to jeopardize your cash flow, who are pretty OK financially and could even go for lower pay or no pay at all for a while until you redress your situation.

That’s because you link their professional need with yours and help them achieve theirs through different forms.

Is this inconceivable in a Silicon Valley type of company where engineers are paid big bucks? Heck, no!

I worked out deals like this countless times where people were not in for the money or they had the luxury to wait for a while until the money, but they wanted something else instead. And they were not even stressed out to see a junior receiving more during that time because they had a deal they agreed to and understood why.

That’s why I’m saying that a true human connection where you know your people at a personal level not only empowers your people to give their best, shine and grow, but you can become so ingenious that you achieve e more than companies with 10x of money cannot.

And that unity that “we are in this together and we’ll make it happen,” is magic.

No fear or neglect can get into this environment.


Never judge or presume things. The conversations and deals created have nothing to do with their age, gender, ethnicity, or location but everything to do with their unique situation, and that’s what you want to find out to provide them exactly what they need and make them tick.

Now, I work mostly with tech companies and founders. I know that having those personal conversations seems like never a priority. I know, I saw that. It’s like never the time. But guess what; tech people are not AI-driven robots, at least not yet.

During a recession, there are awesome opportunities for the winning group of companies with great leaders on top. Those companies might want to court and take your best employees, and they have the means to do so. If you didn’t leverage your position with that employee s(he) might leave you.

Yes, you’ll have a bigger pool of people to choose from since the Great Resignation is over, but would you want to create such turmoil inside your company? New people change culture, change everything. Onboarding someone properly without damage to a company takes at least 3 months, but on average any new employee decides during the first ten days if this is indeed the company they want to go full in with their skills, heart, and soul.

What I want you to get from this series is that a recession-proof business is a people game. You can transform a junior into a Rockstar if you get to his or her heart, or you can idle Rockstars if you forget about their hearts.

Write this down:

Emotion is the driver of achievements.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I doing enough to know my people? Really know them?
  • Am I getting the right information?
  • How solid and tight is my team?
  • Is there anyone who feels excluded?
  • Is there anyone I never talked to before at a personal level?
  • Am I the person who controls what happens and keeps the dream, or I am controlled by the circumstances?

Conclusions & final notes

I hope you are aware that the information I gave during these three articles is very valuable, and you only need to put them into action to start seeing the fruits.

Through my two homework, you could already pick the fruits. Continue doing so. It’s magical. You can achieve with 20-50 people more than a company double or triple your size. And without pain or suffering or resentment.

And if you are a big company, then you’ll probably need to leverage the human factor more by getting personal with your employees and discovering their treasure by removing their fears and the sense of misfits.

This information’s come from a deep understanding of the human mind and how people are and function. Allow me to repeat, all these can have a very quick effect on what’s happening with your company during the next month(s).

Don’t let the information stay here because with these you are ready to become one of those recession proof businesses.

Change-makers keep note!

You see, if you are a change-maker who has great things to show to the world, who deserves to win, your duty is to do the things that will put you out there. You have the duty to grow, be visible, make the right decisions, create the right culture, have the right people, and become invincible while doing this, keeping the vision, passion, energy, mental health, and sanity in check.

You deserve to win, and if you are in this category, I really want to be that secret weapon next by your side, that guide behind those business successes leading our world into the future.

And I am 100% committed to helping deserving founders, CEOs & change-maker entrepreneurs get to live their dream without losing their vision and sanity.

If this is you and you want to go deeper into this process of transforming your company by leveraging the power of your people, I’ll offer you a free discovery call where we’ll get personal and investigate what you currently have and where the hidden threats are, that need to be solved and how.

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I’ll leave you with my quote this time:

Once you master the mental and emotional game, the desired results will invariably follow.

Cristina Imre

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