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Business Simulation Games: Empowering Your Success

Are you ready to elevate your team’s performance and drive exceptional results? Our cutting-edge business simulation games have been trusted by industry-leading companies, accelerators, and venture capitalists for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Training Activities
  • Mass Recruitment
  • Assessment Centers
  • Events and Conventions
  • Analysis of Future Business Scenarios

Customized for Your Growth


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our simulations are dedicated and customized to leaders, teams, and startups, reflecting the reality of each client, market, or industry. Whether you operate in technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, our simulations adapt to your unique requirements.

  • Companies: To strengthen their workforce through immersive training activities.

  • Accelerators: To identify promising startups with real-world problem-solving challenges.

  • Venture Capitalists: To assess potential investments and evaluate entrepreneurs’ strategic acumen.

Adaptable, Anywhere


Web-based and versatile, our simulations can seamlessly integrate into face-to-face, virtual, or blended activities. Experience the power of experiential learning regardless of your team’s location.

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E-Learning by DOING

Simulation-based experience


  • The Business Acumen of a Start-Up.
  • Development of a new Application. MVP.
  • Trade-off between Time to Market, Features and Money.
  • New Products launching. Marketing Mix of a Start-Up.
  • Trade-off in financing: fast growth vs. dilution.
  • Main Financial Indicators of Start-Ups.


Simulations can be customized to reflect industry-specific features, different macroeconomic environments, and market conditions.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs being sponsored by Public or Private Incubators or Accelerators.
  • Graduate and Post-Graduate students of Business Programs.
  • Venture Capitalists and Investors.
  • Incubators and Accelerators.
  • Tech Community and Networking Events.
  • Corporate Innovators.
Remote Leadership Simulation


E-Learning by DOING

Simulation-based experience


  • Management of Virtual Meetings.
  • Monitoring team members work and dedication.
  • Communication management.
  • Monitoring team members emotional situation.
  • Best practices to promote integration in a remote environment.
  • Time and work-life balance management in remote work.
  • Effective delegation.
  • Command and control-based leadership vs. Leadership based on trust and autonomy.


Simulations can be customized to reflect industry-specific features, different macroeconomic environments, and market conditions.

Target Audience

  • Remote Managers and Leaders.
  • Remote Team Members Aspiring for Leadership Roles.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.
  • Training and Development Specialists.
  • Corporate Learning and Development Departments.
First Time Leader Simulation


E-Learning by DOING

Simulation-based experience


  • Management of Virtual Meetings.
  • Monitoring team members’ work and dedication.
  • Communication management.
  • Monitoring team members’ emotional situation.
  • Best practices to promote integration in a remote environment.
  • Time and work-life balance management in remote work.
  • Effective delegation.
  • Command and control-based leadership vs. Leadership based on trust and autonomy.


Simulations can be customized to reflect industry-specific features, different macroeconomic environments, and market conditions.

Target Audience

  • Newly Promoted Managers.
  • Emerging Leaders.
  • Recent Graduates and Entry-Level Professionals.
  • Team Leads.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.




Our SIMS methodology integrates conceptual presentations with team simulation and feedback sessions.

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The theory and simulation are linked to the participants’ business reality. The simulated environments generate an illusion of this reality, inducing participants to act and respond as they would in the real world.

Business Simulation-Business Skills

Participants are divided into teams and challenged to analyze and make decisions within the Simulation. They receive reports and feedback that reflect the impact of their own decisions. After each Simulation round, participants are invited to connect the simulated experience with their daily activities in their jobs, seeking to develop better practices for the future.





Business simulation has become a tool to improve the individual or group competences from the members of an organization or of candidates willing to work for it.

Recruitment and assessments

Simulations can be used as an initial filter for candidates in a web massive recruitment or for in-person assessment centers in which participants are observed while managing quasi-real business situations through simulation, for assessing their current and potential capabilities.





Companies are increasingly concerned with training their staff and ensuring that what they have learned is transferred to daily work. That is why our workshops end with a “call to action” exercise in which the participants define improvement actions they intend to carry out after the activity.

Business Simulation-Real Life Applications (1)

These tools are used after the training sessions as “on the job tool”. Participants will be able to apply them to real-life situations and projects.

It involves follow-up and application tools that enhance the learning process and empower the development of ideas and innovative projects.

They can also be used for leveraging meetings intended to develop innovation processes, new ideas and products, business plans, etc.

pro manager and pro leadership simulations for business

Additionally, we offer the possibility of complementing the training activity with exercise and post-course application tools (Pro-Manager and Pro-leadership). In these post-course exercises, the participants’ managers can be actively involved in giving feedback on their content (self-evaluations, improvement proposals, etc.). These exercises can be customized depending on the needs of each company.



(Analysis of future scenarios)


Simulations are a powerful tool to analyze future scenarios and test different strategies during the meetings where the Top Management of a company analyses future scenarios and defines future strategies.

Simulations Business Scenarios for Future Strategies Sims

These simulations can be customized to reflect the main factors and variables of the current and future business of the company and its macro and competitive environment.



Business Acumen


Business Acumen simulations train participants in Business Acumen, Strategic Planning, Results Orientation, and Finance. We have generic manufacturing and service simulations and different industry-specific models for some industries that work according to particular rules (data analytics, banks, insurance, hotels, car dealerships, start-ups, retail, logistics, pharma, energy and gas, service, massive recruitment sims, etc.). These models can be customized based on macroeconomic, industry, and microeconomic circumstances.

Business Acumen sims

In these simulations, each team leads a company (hence the generic name of this family is “CEO Challenge”) that competes in the market with the companies led by the other teams. After each round, the facilitator analyses with the participants the results each team has achieved. This competitive dynamic ensures engagement throughout the entire workshop.


Frequently Asked Questions

– Training: Business Simulation is a very powerful learning tool because it allows working on leadership or management skills from a practical perspective and in a playful and entertaining way.

– Assessment: Simulations are potent tools to assess people competencies and anticipate potential future behaviors in complex situations. There are two ways to use Sims:

  • To make participants play in small teams and appoint observers to assess how participants behave (following a guide we provide).
  • To make participants play individually and making the Simulations results themselves to give information about participants.

– Recruitment (first filter): The simulation allows candidates to be “filtered” according to their possible future behaviors and their “cultural fit” with the company’s values to, then, proceed to further selection stages (such as interviews). These simulations are almost always customized for each client.

– Onboarding: On-site or virtual programs with Simulation are a more enjoyable and powerful way for young people who join an organization to learn more about it.

– Events: Short activities (2 to 5 hours) with large groups (50 to 300 people) to generate powerful but business-related dynamics.

  • Face-to-face workshops: continuous days/hours are suggested but they can also be fragmented.
  • Virtual synchronous workshops: it is structured in modules preferably of 3 hours each.
  • Blended: asynchronous individually played Sims with synchronous plenary sessions to discuss feedback.

E-learning modality: the program is prepared so that it is completely self-administered (including theory, simulation, debreif)

The business simulations can be customized in a relatively (compared to the market standards) fast and cost-competitive way.

But it’s not always necessary: generic sims are extremely powerful and allow participants to challenge themselves beyond the specifics of their business or function.

Sometimes partial customizations like new scripts and storylines can be a good option: An example is the customization of “competencies” in the Leadership simulations: we maintain the case and the topics that the sims work but we make it impact on the client’s competency model. This kind of customization can cost no more than $2.000 and take no more than a week.

On the other hand, we are working with one of the 5 global companies with most experience in the development of Training, Recruitment and Assessment Programs supported by Business Simulators. It means that we can totally tailore-made Sims when needed (examples: a clinical cases Sim designed to train health insurance managers).

It can be any or both. This type of coaching qualifies as a business expense.

Soft-skills Sims can be prepared to be played individually without facilitator through the client`s LMS.

Business Acumen Sims can not be SCORM-packaged since they require to interact to complex data-bases. Very simplified models can be prepared (basically for on-boarding purposes).

The process usually requires a short coordination meeting between our IT team and the LMS management team.

Each program has its own target audience.

Soft-skills workshops have as their target audience those people who have or will have challenges in the areas that the program works on (Leaders for leadership, people who must negotiate for Negotiation, etc.).

The complete Business Acumen programs can be used from Senior Management to Young Professionals that belong to the “talent pool of the company” (it is recommended not to mix hierarchies in the same activity).

Simplified Business Acumen programs have target audiences with less seniority or are more oriented towards onboarding processes or assessment centers.

If participants already have strong theoretical training in the subject, it is recommended to use the Simulation in short and intensive Programs (round, feedback; round, feedback) with little theory. When the participants have little knowledge of the theory, a full program is recommended that alternates work with simulation and the corresponding theory blocks.

Generic Sims can be delivered during 1 or 2 days workshops in about two weeks. However, an initial evaluation

is recommended for the best results. Most of our clients have their dates set during 1-3 months the initial contact. 

When complex customizations are required the expected timeframe is between 3-6 months. 

Script adjustments, storyline adaptations, branding and slight changes can be made in days up to weeks. 

We consider all needs and requirements while deciding the best steps including the most suited timeframes per projects. 

Most of our simulations are in English and Spanish; some in Portuguese and, recently, in Arabic!

If any client has specific language requirement, translations can be quickly uploaded to our platform.

Just Internet Access and permission to visit our webpage.

Strongly suggested: grant participants a quiet environment to engage in the workshop without interruptions.

Some of our Sims deliver precise and clear recommendations (for example you should not initiate a negotiation before identifying your BATNA).

Other sims have a more modest aim: to generate meaningful conversations. In those cases, the Sim will show the suggested option, but it needs not to be considered as a universal truth.