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 I had the pleasure of joining hosts Matt Perez and Jose Leal about mastering the game of life and business by understanding human nature. Human nature is by far one of my favorite topics since the fascination with our behaviors and the way we function consumed more than half of my life.

Over the years, answers to “how to leverage people”, especially in the workplace started to shape more and more.

I am convinced that leadership is the key to creating a happier world. The actions and behaviors of our leaders set the tone for the next generation, and with the right type of leadership in place, we have the power to solve some of the most pressing global issues facing us today.

This can be accomplished by:

➡️ Unlocking the power of human nature for business and life success

➡️ Mastering the game of life and business by understanding human nature

➡️ Recession-proofing your business with the power of your people

➡️ Winning in business without leveraging the emotional game of human nature is a non-sense

By grasping the intricacies of human nature, one can develop strong interpersonal skills, effective communication strategies, and the ability to build meaningful relationships. In business, this translates to creating products and services that meet people’s needs and desires while fostering loyalty and trust. Ultimately, mastering the game of life and business through understanding human nature requires a commitment to continuous learning and self-reflection. is a Radical World brand dedicated to giving a completely new look at the way we work where purpose and co-ownership are the real currency.

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Here are parts of the edited transcript from the interview, courtesy of r.Hatchery. For the full transcript please tune in to the interview or read it here on r.Hatchery podcast page.

How to Leverage People in A More Human Way

Jose Leal (01:58): Very cool. So our, our topic today you had talked about doing, working with people in a more human way, or leveraging people in a more human way. Can you tell us what you mean by that?

Cristina Imre (02:17): I think the secret power lies in understanding humans like we are with our needs and at the personal level. And this is something that today is so much missed.

If we are like robots, trying to emulate AI today and be as clever and smart and with such a good memory, we wouldn’t achieve anything. We cannot beat that. But we do have these human traits and needs that need to be amped inside the equation.

And every time since I started to understand how important human nature understanding is from high school when I had the revelation, everything shifted because I was interested in business as a true born entrepreneur, I would say. But I saw how unstable and shallow we are, and I knew that we can do better.

And, I saw the different facets of human beings, and I couldn’t understand why we behave this way in one second, another way in another one. And then we change into a demon or a saint in a manner of seconds based on some triggers. And I wanted to understand that and then leverage that into the workspace. Today I think it’s more important than ever, and you might contradict me here, that we complicated things too much and lost the joy of life.

Our world has become too complicated, and we forgot about human nature, the human, and essential elements like the needs from the Maslow pyramid. What we do need to be happy, productive, and have a fulfilled life without being miserable. What do you think?

Jose Leal (03:54): I think you’re right on. So is no argument there, I couldn’t agree more. I think your point about human nature being at the root of what we need to deal with is why we called it radical.

Radical means root and the root of work is really human nature. And if we don’t understand human nature, we don’t understand work. And so, I, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to have much of a debate here about those, that specific topic. We may disagree about how we do it but what we need to do, I don’t think needs is something we’d argue about.

So what are you doing? How do you see that problem? Let’s frame it as a problem. The problem being that we’re not seeing human nature as part of how we organize work and how we think about work. Is that fair to say that that’s the problem?

Cristina Imre (05:00):

Yes. I think that we as humans went through different cycles and at different speed levels. And if we consider what happened during the industrial revolution, it was a different kind of aspect where human beings needed to focus on different ways to integrate work into their lives and also their kids and their families.

And then came, the internet and the digital revolution. And everything got to a different level of speed, and we got too many things on our plate. So, and I would say here, what we got are privileges, so many things got to our hands. Our lives became so easy from so many different perspectives compared to our ancestors, our grandmother, and grandfather, and even our parents’ lives, and we don’t know how to handle this.

And you can see this with the young generation, we have so many opportunities today, and this makes us miserable instead of happy. So that is the paradox we are living in now, the most abundant world from, let’s say lifetime as human species. But we are unhappy. And so this needs to be addressed because now we have the AI aspect and it’s a different threat to human nature, and human needs.

And we might lose ourselves in this transition by competing instead of integrating. And here I would love to intervene and we to intervene more, Hey, stop, stop what we can do as humans to not lose ourselves in the process of becoming, of having everything around us.

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