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Human Wisdom Innovation: The Missing Link

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TLL Updates!

We are now a team of five.

I pause to let that sink in. It feels significant, but how significant is it, really?

In the Tech Leadership Lab, I don’t claim to have all the answers – nor do I want to. This movement thrives on active participation. It’s shaped by what members are willing to commit to and engage in. TLL evolves at the pace and impact allowed by the commitment of those within it. It’s as simple as that.

I’m holding back on revealing names for now. My reasoning, much like TLL, has evolved through various stages. I’ve undertaken a deep audit of my actions, the subsequent outcomes, and the numerous small pieces that come together to form the bigger picture.

As an entrepreneurial optimist, I often find myself quickly enthused, only to temper my excitement with the realization that initial enthusiasm doesn’t always equate to sustained commitment.

Cristina Imre quote about life: If you turn the pages of your life, you'll see that there was nothing good or bad that happened to you. Only what you needed. If you don't take the lesson it will repat itself.

This first crucial mission for our initial group is a sort of litmus test. This month, our focus is on bonding, getting to know each other, and observing the clues each one leaves in our interactions – or the lack of it.

  • How do we blend?
  • How do we complement each other?
  • Are we in this together for a common goal rather than individual gain?

It’s possible we might not enter the new year as a group of five, and that’s okay.

Reflecting deeply on everything that’s happened and continues to unfold, I find my commitment to TLL’s ideals growing stronger each day. This realization has led me to consider dedicating more time to this endeavor until it fully aligns with my daily duties.

Therefore, if you wish to engage with me in my holistic coaching, and strategist capacity, now is the time, as next year my availability for coaching, mentoring and consulting will likely decrease to focus more on TLL.

This increased interest and serious consideration from amazing individuals at all levels has heightened my sense of responsibility. It has made me reconsider our team with utmost seriousness.

Cristina Imre quote about mediocrity: people fear ridicule and criticism so much that they are sacrificing their growth and choose mediocrity.

Even if it means starting from scratch in January, I’m prepared to do so in order to build a solid foundation with reliable people committed to a lifelong mission. I remain hopeful, however, that this won’t be necessary.

In sum, this is a candid discourse from me, a moment of grounding after the initial excitement, as I thoughtfully consider our next steps.

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Today’s LIVE Event!

Imagine our collective wisdom in the age of AI elevated from the bottom up.

What if we integrate what we know and fundamentally understand and comprehend the lessons from our past?

Our esteemed guest is one of the brightest minds I had the pleasure to meet. Her focus on what matters with a relentless focus on bringing solutions to the world is impressive.

Human Wisdom Innovation: The Missing Link | Tech Leadership Lab [12]

Maura Declercq – Mîndrilà, the founder of Idlegcy and a partner at Impact Builders, is a tech entrepreneur, futurist, and a beacon for empowering women in STEM. With her diverse expertise and multilingual prowess, Maura stands at the forefront of ethical AI and sustainable tech innovation.

A lawyer by profession, Maura’s career spans across various sectors, including legal, life sciences, IT, and public sectors. Her passion for education, community, positive disruption in society, and technology drives her forward.

Prepare to explore the potential of human wisdom in tandem with AI innovation., and strategies for fostering positive disruption in various sectors through technology and systemic thinking.

This is one of those events I’m very excited to have and learn in-depth Maura’s concept about human wisdom innovation.

Human Wisdom Innovation

Now, while we’ll explore this topic from the eyes of Maura, I will share my perspective in the meantime.

Human wisdom is not only the accumulation of facts and figures; it is the ability to see and discern patterns, make informed judgments, and act with compassion.

It is a delicate balance of intellect, intuition, and emotional intelligence.

The Stagnation of Human Wisdom

Despite the exponential growth in technology, human wisdom has not seen a parallel evolution. Our acquisition of knowledge often lacks depth, leaving us with a superficial grasp of our reality. We’ve failed to learn from history comprehensively, resulting in outdated systems and unaddressed human flaws.

Human wisdom has not undergone the same level of innovation as technology or science. We have not yet developed a systematic approach to acquiring and sharing wisdom, nor have we fully harnessed the power of technology to augment our collective intelligence.

Why has human wisdom lagged, and what can we do to catalyze its growth?

Cultivating a Garden of Collective Enlightenment

I would love to use this metaphor of a garden.

Human wisdom can be seen similarly in nurturing a garden that is attended by many hands. Imagine each individual as a unique flower, contributing their own beauty and fragrance to the shared space.

The soil plays a huge role.

  • From this soil, all wisdom can grow.
  • In this soil, we must first cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness within each of us.

The Power of Deep Listening

Listening is an art that goes beyond limited auditory processing. It involves engaging with empathy and understanding, allowing perspectives to harmonize into profound insights. When we truly listen to each other, not just with our ears but with our hearts, we unlock a wealth of collective wisdom.

Bridging Differences Through Conversation

Wisdom flourishes in diversity. By encouraging conversations that bridge differences, we weave a stronger, more resilient tapestry of understanding. It’s through the melding of diverse experiences and viewpoints that we achieve a richer, more nuanced comprehension of the world.

Collaboration Over Competition

Innovation in human wisdom demands a shift from a competitive to a collaborative mindset. When we share knowledge and skills, we unlock potentials that a single mind cannot achieve. This collaborative spirit is the water that sustains our collective garden, enabling it to thrive and blossom.

Applying Wisdom with Compassion

True wisdom isn’t just about knowledge accumulation; it’s about applying that knowledge with compassion and kindness. Actions guided by the intention to benefit all beings illuminate our path, much like the sun nurtures the garden.


As we nurture these principles within ourselves and our communities, we become architects of a world where collective wisdom not only blossoms but also creates fruits of understanding, peace, and joy.

In this age where AI and technology continue to advance, let us not forget the importance of elevating our collective human wisdom. For it is in this growth that we find the keys to solving Earth’s most pressing problems and crafting a future that benefits all.

ChatGPT Summary

  • Tech Leadership Lab (TLL) Updates: Now a team of five, focusing on active participation and commitment within TLL. Emphasizes the importance of team dynamics and evolving roles.
  • Health and Well-being Tip: Advises treating fruits as dessert to avoid glucose spikes.
  • Today’s LIVE Event: Introducing Maura Declercq-Mîndrilà, discussing human wisdom and AI innovation.
  • Human Wisdom Innovation Article: Addresses the stagnation of human wisdom despite technological progress.Uses a garden metaphor to illustrate collective human wisdom.Highlights deep listening, diversity in conversation, collaboration, and compassionate wisdom application.Concludes on the importance of collective wisdom in addressing global challenges.

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