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The Ultimate Pain Relief 1:1 Coaching Program For Growth Stage Founders and CEOs That Want Traction & Scaling Without Sacrificing Their Joy Of Life

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(It will save us both precious time and if you resonate with me then our call will be awesome, blissful, and serendipitous.)

Can you imagine 2022 to end as a dream year for you and your business? A year, with so many battles to fight on different levels, but you being on top of all aspects?


The recession is here, and the consequences of the last years are unfolding. Some in 2022, some in 2023-2024.

Like in any cycle of its kind in history, there are winners and losers. The preparation phase is currently underway.

Nothing new here, but what you do today determines which group you belong to.

The best players anticipate the circumstances because the flow of money never stops. It redirects.

Now, for the majority of people, slowdowns in the economy and recessions are scary.

However, for a minority of people, recessions are an opportunity to create wealth, even generational wealth. It’s like a Black Friday for those prepared. More millionaires/billionaires are made in recession compared to any other time because they are intentional and focused on finding opportunities.

Warning! Opportunities are similar but different from other cycles. Learning from history is a must-have, but copying it is not. Your markets are different.

The world needs more good people with money.

But the pressure behind that road, especially when you grow and expectations are all over the place, can trick you into unhappiness, a bad state that can cause bad decisions. Most importantly, your clarity suffers, and you’re not sure if you make the right decisions. The fears start to kick in.

And so, it’s not only about financial health. It’s also about physical, mental, and spiritual health. The world needs good people with all these four in check. Otherwise, your fears will lead you to the most miserable road.

Count Your What Ifs

These are the main gains from working together. We’ll focus on some, all or more. It’s up to you. 

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if I don’t know what I’m doing?
  • What if I don’t know what I don’t know?
  • What if I make a fool of myself?
  • What if I’m not fast enough with innovation?
  • What if I’m in the wrong market?
  • What if I won’t reach market fit?
  • What if my idea is not as scalable as I thought?
  • What if I run out of money?
  • What if customers will hate the product?
  • What if customers won’t use the product?
  • What if I make bad decisions?
  • What if I’m focused on the wrong things in any given moment?
  • What if I disappoint investors?
  • What if I disappoint my team and let them down?
  • What if I get sick (mentally, physically)?
  • What if I lose my grit and passion?
  • What if I won’t have a life anymore?
  • What if I lose my partner and kids?
  • What if I lose my friends?
  • What if I get too diluted and lose control over my company?
  • What if I do everything right and the market crashes?

How many what-ifs did you identify? Even one is a burden, but I’m pretty sure you identified at least five, and that’s terrifying to live a life with each day. It’s like that subconscious voice jumping to bug you when you need clarity and focus over the next steps.


These are the main gains from working together. We’ll focus on some, all or more. It’s up to you. 

  • improved clarity about the business and life in general,
  • improved confidence
  • improved performance and productivity,
  • improved leadership,
  • improved relationships,
  • improved communication and mediator skills,
  • improved self-confidence,
  • improved decision-making,
  • improved negotiation skills,
  • improved mindfulness,
  • improved physical health and sleep,
  • improved mental health,
  • improved wellbeing,
  • improved strategic partnership creation and maintenance,
  • improved business financial situation,
  • improved stamina and focus,
  • improved wellbeing and personal growth.

Let’s talk about my best clients of all times

I started officially coaching and training groups and 1:1s while in medical school in 2001 and then employees and executives in 2004. On the left is a picture from my first training in 2001 communication and public speaking. On the right as a host and speaker.

I started officially coaching and training groups and 1:1s while in medical school in 2001 and then employees and executives in 2004. On the left is a picture from my first training in 2001 communication and public speaking. On the right as a host and speaker.

Plus, I embraced the remote lifestyle in 2008 when I moved to South America for two years. With the accumulated knowledge, I started constructing and leading distributed teams for startups, SMBs, and large companies in 2011.

As a serial founder and fractional executive in multiple industries, I continued coaching and mentoring people under me as much as my time allowed. It’s nothing compared to doing this full-time thought.

In total, I accumulated over 12K hours in the trenches understanding humans from all spectrums of life at all levels. There is a headcount of a couple of hundreds in my 1:1s, over 10K in training, and the same with speaking events.

The moral of this brief is that I got to learn a thing or few about the fitted type of coachees. I studied success for a long time and discovered early on the threads of potentially successful people.

If you identify yourself below then that’s a great start for us to work together. 

The first one is maybe obvious.

  • You are highly coachable. Constant learning and feedback loops are part of your DNA, and you cannot imagine yourself not improving. You’re absolutely crazy about feedback, from anyone with any title.
  • You have perseverance and determination. You are not a quitter. Many times, people told you to quit, but you didn’t. You know how failure looks like, smells like, feels like. You moved on anyway.
  • You’re accountable, and this way, you’ll do all the steps that will bring you to the promised land.
  • You are innovative and a visionary. You are not narrow-minded. People thought you are crazy and ridiculed you.
  • You have an obsessive focus on what you want to achieve in the future.
  • You don’t know what conventional boredom is. You are passionate about your vision. For others, your passion could have been seen as boring or pointless, but not for you.
  • You conquered arrogance and finally got the wisdom of humility.
  • You’re not afraid to risk, test new things and pivot. 
  • You are willing to trust, and with trust and coachability, my program works wonders.

Let’s talk about my worst clients of all times

It’s not fun to work with the wrong clients. I learn this the hard way.

But you know this from your business. The wrong clients are always unsatisfied, want the cheapest deals without committing to anything, and have a serious trust issue.

No matter what you’ll do, they will cause you pain. One client of this kind exhausts you more than ten, even twenty great clients combined. And their ROI is always negative.

If you have something similar going on, I advise you strongly to start niching down your clients. There are multiple ways for this.
From the above list, if the potential client is not coachable, and willing to trust and do what we agreed on, nothing else matters.

Together with my quantum model of life, I decided to let go of being a masochist of any kind. With these three attributes checked, I have a good base to work with.

Quantum Wins golden icon illustrating the quantum fields

Imagine that we’ll work together very closely. Most probably, for a long time to come because you’ll constantly grow and have new dreams to accomplish.

I’ll get to know all those little details no one else knows, not even your mother or best friend.

I’ll be the shoulder you’ll lean on for everything that hurts you, or bothers you, the voice of clarity and action. An all-in-one persona for business and life.

The relationship with a highly qualified coach is absolutely unique by all means.

Your coach is the only person that doesn’t want anything from you besides your success. Someone who is completely non-judgemental. It’s a magical relationship.

Now, imagine having those issues I mentioned: not being coachable, trustworthy, and accountable. I take these as a crucial milestones because many of the above can be taught, but these three are tricky.

If you want a longer list of identifiable of my worst clients, here it is:

  • They cannot deal with constructive feedback. They take everything personally and blame others for what’s not working. They are not even willing to hear anything that might resemble a critique.
  • They say they do what we agree, then they do something else, but they blame the results.
  • They say they want to improve but in reality, they continue being the same without doing anything outside their comfort zone.
  • They cannot share success with others. They take ownership of everything that goes well and dismiss their involvement in anything that went wrong.
  • They only care about the money, not their customers.
  • They belittle others based on their title or other personal characteristics.

About the program

The Quantum Wins Model is not just a method for me. It’s the way of life. It was developed over two intensive decades of work with businesses of all sizes and over twenty industries.

What you’ll do with me you won’t find anywhere because the recipe is unique and cooked with the finest ingredients that were part of my journey, full of sacrifices and hard work.

The best thing is that you’ll have benefits that can be huge starting with our first session. The open ears and doers can experiment changes with any of the techniques I teach.

Once we set the stage, frame the roadmap, and the way we’ll work together, your life will start to change exponentially. You’ll never be the same again, in a good sense of course.

Now you are ready to make your decision.

cristina imre quantum wins founder coach, business coach & mentor for vc-backed startup founders

this is what others say

“I am so grateful to know Cristina and to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is someone who is truly invested in people, understanding them, their interests and how to help them to achieve their goals. She exhibits integrity and passion in every task she takes on. She’s never deterred by any new task or challenge, she will do what it takes to learn and master it.

I highly recommend Cristina, she is a great asset to helping any business or individual overcome their challenges and find the path to where they want to be.”

Adam H. – CEO & Co-Founder Aecho

“Cristina is a lot more sophisticated and stronger than she first may appear. With high availability and with endless patience she has, first of all, a capacity to listen and carefully observe all the seen and unseen signals of validity.

In fact, few know that she is a doctor due to her background and she applies with high success the practice of case history in the field of consultancy and training. The high level of her investigation is doubled with the right spirit and method, anchored solidly in the present business environment, domestic and international. After that, the alternatives are precisely formulated, with patience and care then presented to the clients and impeccably executed.

Then, the specifics of her own way transform a professional business need into something richer as a mature and pleasant human relationship. It is the kind of win-win relationship type which is hard to find but very beautiful.”

Dacian P. – Public Figure, City Manager

“If you participate at Business Days it’s not possible to not want to know Cristina. She is charming as a speaker and impressive by her attitude and pathos. She is that type of professional who doesn’t miss the target. Ambitious, she knows what she wants and can persevere where others don’t. If you go to war with people like her, you cannot lose.”

Valentin T. – South-Eastern Europe AON CEO

“I will start by saying that I was fascinated from the beginning to the end by your powerful personality and the extraordinary talent to verbally and non-verbally transmit states and experiences which I could never imagine, much less be aware of.

During your courses, I was waiting to find answers to some questions I never had before. And something wonderful happened: for some questions, I found the answers myself; for others, I’ve lost the meaning, and they vanished. Of course, there are many more expecting answers, but I became aware of the fact that most of the solutions are inside us expecting to be found.  At the right moment.

I have learned many things from you. I understood everything I could from what you’ve transmitted (this means I am aware I did not catch all) and I had no difficulties understanding. This is amazing, and I say that because we have a language difference in the way of thinking, because of the specifics of our professions. And I was prepared to be hard to understand. But you knew how to make yourself understood.

Thank you for everything you’ve done possible to happen with me. Now and in the future.

And for sure I will ask for advice any time I will need it.”

Dan S. – Co-Founder & CEO IDP

“I am that person from her case study. Yes, The Story of a Founder Who Almost Lost It All. Needless to say, I cannot name myself. What I want to add is that I’m not sure what I have done during those initial weeks I have known you, but it’s highly like I wouldn’t be here today. Nothing more to add, it says it all. Cristina, I’m forever grateful.”

G.T. – The Founder Who Got It All

“I was coached and mentored by Cristina on several occasions: 1:1, and together with my leadership team. Her intelligence and sharp reading of people make her an expert in her field. The changes that she ignited in my business and life are present to this day. In fact, I’m a constant student of her new materials. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

George T. – CEO (International Call Center)

“Cristina is definitely the secret weapon you want when going to battle, both as a leader and a company. Sharp assessment, spotting missing links, identifying hidden flaws, unseen weaknesses, well-buried treasures in people, or business are part of her daily routine.

Working with her is not only an energizing experience but highly rewarding with the goals you can achieve, problems to solve. You don’t know what to expect at first because Cristina is both an empath and a very tough leader when needed, so she’ll change gears and approaches according to the mission and people involved.

No matter what the situation, having people like Cristina on your side is like finding one of those rare gems, a talented asset that will help you to succeed.”

John R. – Serial Co-Founder

“Cristina is a true leader, that’s focused on execution and knows how to move things forward. I really appreciate and love her power to be the bridge between vision and the details of the execution, details which matter a lot and Cristina is incredible at doing that. She’s a person that you can rely on, trust and build great companies with. Highly recommend her!”

Matthew  C.– Serial Entrepreneur

“Cristina is one of the best mental ping pong players I played with. In conversations her questions oriented clearly toward options of how to improve things came fast and well targeted.

Having someone to challenge and stir your mind in conversations either coaching or project based topic can be a most valuable gift.

A well-rounded personality, who is strongly aware of her professional abilities, values, and roles simplifies dramatically business processes bringing out the essential.

She is great fun to work with. She is smart, organized, efficient, thinks in long perspectives and can draw long term strategies. Open, honest, and funny.Very good communication skills, good ability to relate well with people and through her natural and humanly approach manages to create strong commitments.

If I would have to choose 7 words to describe Cristina that would be: Leadership, Professionalism, Talent, Engagement, Care, Effectiveness and “No Bullshi.. here.”

Andreas F. – Managing Partner Transearch

“Cristina has the rare skill of telling you the hard truth and you still like her afterwards.

She cuts to the chase and identifies problems, but then she offers solutions in the form of changes to behavior, culture, and so on. She cares about people, and that includes the employees under the leader she is coaching, so she wants all leaders to be as effective in people management as possible.

I have found my conversations with Cristina to be invaluable; her coaching is insightful and impactful, and her top priority is always to make you a great leader.

I have appreciated Cristina’s insight and highly recommend her expertise for those that want to be the best leader they can be.”

Craig U. – IT Executive

“Cristina Imre changed the culture and mentality of our company. Having a mentor like Jim Rohn in her past, she taught us how to do a complete reset and remodeling: psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Cristina showed us the door, outside our comfort zone, and how to silence the inner critique. I highly recommend her for the entire spectrum of personal or collective growth and development.”

Traian B. – Technical Engineer CSP

“In just a few weeks, I noticed subtle, but important changes in my approach to communicating in the marketplace. Cristina has a great way of building important truths from simple, fundamental principles. This makes her coaching very immediate, actionable and practical.

I like her direct style, combined with a real empathetic ear for issues or challenges. With Cristina, nothing is flippant or without purpose and you’ll never brush aside an important issue without her hitting the brakes and making sure that it is dealt with. She’s quite good at her craft.”

Kenn P. – Tech Entrepreneur and Fractional Ex.

“In just a few weeks, I noticed subtle, but important changes in my approach to communicating in the marketplace. Cristina has a great way of building important truths from simple, fundamental principles. This makes her coaching very immediate, actionable and practical.

I like her direct style, combined with a real empathetic ear for issues or challenges. With Cristina, nothing is flippant or without purpose and you’ll never brush aside an important issue without her hitting the brakes and making sure that it is dealt with. She’s quite good at her craft.”

Kenn P. – Tech Entrepreneur and Fractional Ex.

“Following her course, I gained numerous benefits in my personal and professional life: self-confidence, motivation to pursue my objectives till the end, a better focus around me, and implicitly a better communication with others. I’ve met great people and learned from them … Cristina helped us to put into practice what we’ve learned and come with lots of examples from real life, making me see that it’s possible.”

NLP can change lives, important is to be open to provocations.”

Catalina F. – HR Business Partner

“Besides all of the achievements I had during the course with Cristina, maybe the most important is that I succeeded to take a huge step in the direction to achieve the biggest goal of my life: to be free! Thank you for everything Cristina!”

Alex M. – Public Figure in Nonverbal Communication & Body Language  

“I can say that after Cristina’s course I remained with a feeling of inspiration, with the conviction that I’ve learned so much about the human mind and behavior, about techniques and strategies which unleash unthought resources, but most of all with a higher level of knowledge about myself and those around me.
Not in the least, I keep the joy of knowing quality people and the smile of those funny and original moments that Cristina created during the experience.
I thank you again; you will remain an inspirational source for me.”

Ruxandra P. – Sales Enablement Manager

“I wish she wouldn’t be the only one (at least from all I know) who activates so professionally and ethically in her domain and to have more like her to create a much more qualitative and competitive marketplace. This way things would be much better in all areas.”

Werner W. – Corporate Executive & GM

“Cristina literally overperformed my entire management team with her speed, effectiveness, and quick solutions to pretty much everything. I have 25 of them. The sad part is I thought it was a good team. It’s easy to understand why I cannot name myself. They wouldn’t be too happy.

It’s crazy how many things she knows, and no words describe her brilliancy.”

Andrew K. – Corporate Executive Automotives

My favorite recommendation below:

“You are a model and a mentor to me.”



No. My approach is a holistic one. Because of my extensive startup and business experience, I can work with you on specific business situations, goals, solutions, or emergencies in synergy with personal issues. My goal is to improve your: mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and financial health.

The coaching program is affordable for funded startups and scale-ups. Ideal for Seed+, Series A, B,C stages. 

It can be any or both. This type of coaching qualifies as a business expense.

The right type of investors will probably encourage coaching. In fact, I did an investigative article about this topic here. 

Absolutely. Everything we discuss is strictly confidential—it stays between you and me.

Yes. Your wins will become noticeable during the first two-three months of coaching. The changes will be permanent and you’ll benefit from what we do for your entire life. During and after the program, founders who are serious about what we do experience impressive quantum wins in all areas of their lives.

If we are the right fit and there is an availability we can start soon after our discovery call.
If we are the right fit without availability you’ll get on a waitlist and will be announced as soon as time permits.
If we are the right fit and it’s an urgent matter I’ll do my best to facilitate a standalone consulting session asap.

Your new life above and beyond the mundane and ordinary.

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